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Tips to Keep Your Pets Comfortable During Fireworks Displays


With the 4th of July comes fireworks. While we may enjoy them our pets may not. The Finger Lakes SPCA of Central New York has offered a series of tips to keep your pets happy when the fireworks launch.

The SPCA recommends designating a safe space in your home for the pet to go during fireworks displays. The space should be windowless and stocked with toys and water. Along with this, wrapping your pet in an anxiety wrap or vest can produce a calming effect.

Distractions can help pets deal with the anxiety created by the loud noises and bright lights that accompany many 4th of July celebrations. A new toy, treats, or puzzle feeders can keep their minds off of what’s happening outside.

White noise machines, soothing music, or simply leaving the radio or TV on can help drown out the noise from fireworks. Drawing the curtains can not only help with blocking sound but also the fireworks’ bright flashes.

Staying home with your pets can provide them with comfort, especially if you can sit in their safe space with them.
By taking your dog for a walk or playing with them, you can help tire them out before the fireworks start to reduce their anxiety levels. While the exercise is good, pets should be kept indoors during fireworks displays to keep them from being spooked and running off. You should also make sure your pets’ ID tags and/or microchip information is up to date in case they do run off.
With these tips, you can help ensure that your four-legged friends are safe and comfortable this Independence Day weekend.
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