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Rep. Tenney: Consider an Impeach Inquiry into DOE Secretary


Congresswoman Claudia Tenney is questioning whether an impeachment inquiry should be considered to examine the unethical behavior of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhold at a full Science, Space and Technology Committee Hearing.

Tenney’s query for an impeachment inquiry follows the Department of Energy’s Inspector General, sounding the alarm that one-third of DOE senior officials own stocks relating to their work. During the hearing, Tenney highlighted multiple situations where Secretary Granholm violated the law, had conflicts of interest, and lied to Congress under oath.

Tenney says this includes President Biden and Vice President Harris, who have repeatedly touted the company Proterra while Secretary Granholm owned stock in this company. On a separate occasion, it was reported that Secretary Granholm’s husband owned Ford stock while the Secretary was serving and made tweets promoting Ford. Additionally, Secretary Granholm testified under oath that she did not own any individual stocks and only later admitted that she lied.

“Secretary Granholm has admitted to lying to Congress under oath and committing perjury,” said Congresswoman Tenney. “Perjury grants Congress clear grounds for impeachment. This is yet another example of the colossal ego and arrogance of the Biden Administration that Americans despise most. It is far past time that Secretary Granholm is held accountable for these clear crimes and conflicts of interest. Secretary Granholm has made our lives unaffordable and pushed a radical green energy agenda all while lining her own pockets on the backs of the American people. Enough is enough.”

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