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“Historic Milestone” Agreement Reached Between Seneca County and Cayuga Nation


Calling it a “Historic Milestone” Seneca County and the Cayuga Nation have reached an agreement to normalize formal relations between the two.

A joint statement was released Wednesday announcing the agreement:

In a significant development in the relationship with Seneca County and the Cayuga Nation, a new era of cooperation and mutual respect is being recognized. This inflection point is a move to normalize formal relations between Seneca County and the Cayuga Nation.

The acknowledgment and recognition of the Cayuga Nation by Seneca County signifies an important breakthrough in the preservation and protection of the Cayuga peoples’ cultural heritage and ancestral lands, ending over forty years of conflict.

Furthermore, Seneca County looks forward to working with Mr. Clint Halftown as the federally recognized leader of the Cayuga Nation, representing a crucial point in this new relationship. This acknowledgment is a significant step towards acknowledging the sovereignty of the Cayuga Nation and fostering a relationship built on understanding and collaboration.

Seneca County Board of Supervisors Chairman Michael Enslow states, “We are now presented with a special opportunity to move Seneca County’s interests toward common goals with the Cayuga Nation. We both seek economic stability for our community and wish to move past the conflicts that have plagued the county and the nation for many years. We look forward to these discussions and are hopeful that progress will be made.”

The benefits of this first step extend beyond the realm of legalities. Seneca County and the Cayuga Nation anticipate positive impacts on both communities, including economic development, cultural exchange, and improved overall relations.

“The Cayuga Nation is optimistic that recognition is the first step towards a productive future relationship with Seneca County and the Seneca County Board of Supervisors.” said Mr. Halftown.

“This represents a turning point in our relationship with the Cayuga Nation. By moving forward with the recognition of the Cayuga Nation Reservation and Clint Halftown as the federally recognized leader, we are laying the foundation for a more inclusive and cooperative partnership,” said Seneca County Manager Kyle Lovell. “We are excited about the opportunities for collaboration and growth that this action brings, and we look forward to working together in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.”

This milestone is a testament to the dedication of all parties involved in the negotiations and an example for other communities seeking to address historical grievances.

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