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Geneva’s Fratto Reacts to NY-24 Primary Loss


Geneva native Mario Fratto released a statement on his campaign’s social media platforms following the outcome of Tuesday’s Republican Primary in NY-24 against incumbent Rep. Claudia Tenney. Tenney was victorious and will appear on the November ballot as the Republican candidate. You can read Mr. Fratto’s statement below:

First, I want to thank God for the opportunity to run for office in this district and for all of the people I was able to meet along the way.

Second, I want to thank my family, friends, supporters, and staff. Everyone sacrificed something for this effort and I am forever grateful for that. The truth isn’t always pretty but here it is:

Claudia Tenney attempted to blackmail me in 2022 when I was congratulating her on our concession call. She threatened to use a dirty, dishonest campaign against me if I ran again. And not being one to back down, I made the decision to run again that very night.

Claudia Tenney and the New York State Republican party ran one of the most disgraceful, dishonest campaigns I have ever seen. It was full of shameful lies, photoshopped images, deceptively edited video clips, and even Claudia personally messaging voters with slanderous personal attacks against me, my wife, and my family. To say I was appalled is an understatement.

We took the high road and never resorted to horrible things I knew about Claudia that were actually true, and probably could have won us the race. We chose to hold on to our integrity and have some class. To do anything less would not only be wrong, but most importantly it would be disrespectful to the voters.

We have serious issues facing our nation and the failed establishment politicians like Claudia Tenney have helped to create them. That is why she has refused to debate me for over two years. Her record is indefensible and she would be exposed.

We had President Trump endorse against us, Speaker Johnson, Jim Jordan, every single Republican Chair, every elected official in the district, and millions spent against us. In spite of that and the smear campaign, we still got almost 40% of the vote again. I couldn’t be more proud.

The Uniparty establishment knows that our America First message of shrinking government, securing our borders, keeping our money at home, staying out of endless wars, restoring traditional Christian values and fighting political corruption was a threat to their globalist plan to impoverish us, strip away our rights, destroy our families, make us more dependent on China, and put America Last.

We cannot give up or lose hope. Not now, not ever. Our race helped to expose the failed NY state GOP and the Uniparty politicians, which needed to happen. Now it is up to us to keep fighting them. We can win, and we will win.

What they did to me was an attempt to deter other real Americans from going up against the machine. It won’t work. We are proud people with huge hearts. And we will always fight to preserve our republic and protect our families.

I have a beautiful family that I have truly missed, and I am sure have missed me too, my son especially. My wife and I have another child on the way and we’re so excited to grow our family.

I look forward to getting back in the fight soon, but for now I am going to get some rest and reflect on this battle. The war goes on.

Thank you all for your votes, donations, time, effort and support. But most of all thank you for letting me speak for you and fight the establishment. It was the honor of my lifetime.

God has a plan for all of us, and this journey proved that to me. Stay tuned!

Your fighter and friend,

Mario Fratto

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