The Wall 99.3-Finger Lakes Classic Rock | Finger Lakes Daily News The Wall 99.3-Finger Lakes Classic Rock 2014-08-22T04:39:47Z The Wall 99.3-Finger Lakes Classic Rock   Join PAUL SMALL ON THE WALL Saturday 11am-1pm LIVE from the GRAND OPENING of the new MAVIS TIRE/COLE MUFFLER next to Wegmans in Geneva! COMING TO UNION SPRINGS AND CAYUGA LAKE AUGUST 21-24, 2014 Paul Small On The WALL will have updates Thursday and Friday during Bob & Tom as well as live broadcasts Thursday-Sunday from the daily weigh ins from 2pm till 4pm!  LISTEN WEEKNIGHTS MIDNIGHT-6AM       SUNDAY NIGHT...TWO GREAT REASONS TO LISTEN TO THE WALL!   SUNDAY FROM 7PM-9PM   It's two hours of amazing live performances from the legends of rock, including some you probably have NEVER HEARD BEFORE! SUNDAY 9PM-10PM The name says it all-a weekly hour devoted to the Pink Floyd experience!           30 minutes...non stop Classic commercials! IT'S THE 5 O'CLOCK FREE RIDE!Brought to you by Harry's Tire of Auburn weekdays at 5pm followed by the 5:30 FUNNY from Bob & Tom!                   Finger Lakes Daily News 2014-08-22T21:39:47Z