August 22, 2013 - President Barack Obama Visits Seneca Falls, New York | Finger Lakes Daily News August 22, 2013 - President Barack Obama Visits Seneca Falls, New York 2017-06-29T12:28:29Z August 22, 2013 - President Barack Obama Visits Seneca Falls, New York President Barack Obama stopped in Seneca Falls Thursday afternoon and spent about an hour inside the Visitor Center at The Women's Rights National Historical Park. For an unknown security reason, the motorcade got off the Geneva Thruway exit and took Route 96 into Waterloo, turned down Virginia Street, and then onto Routes 5 & 20 to Seneca Falls.     The motorcade travels through Waterloo. Photo by Darlene Duprey, Duprey Video Productions.   Secret Service agents arrived before President Obama, and pushed the crowd back to the east side of Mynderse Street and to the west side of Clinton Street. A bomb sniffing dog then made its way up and down the street and into the Visitor Center.   Escorted by police motorcycles, the President's bus dubbed "Ground Force One" and a bus with national press & media personnel pulled into Seneca Falls just before 3:30p.m.   While President Obama was inside, a thunderstorm passed over Seneca Falls, but many of the one thousand people gathered along Fall Street waited for him to leave.  When he came out, President Obama walked across the street and greeted people who were waiting on the porch and balcony of their Fall Street apartments.   President Obama did not go into the courtyard and look at the water wall or go inside the Wesleyan Chapel, the site of the 1848 first Women's Rights Convention. With Women's Equality Day coming up on Monday, Obama memorialized the occasion by buying copies of the convention's Declaration of Sentiments for his two daughters.   When the bus tour left town, President Obama waved out the front window of Ground Force One which brought a large cheer from the crowd.   The motorcade then headed on Routes 5&20 for Auburn and Syracuse.   President Obama is speaking tonight in Syracuse and staying overnight in Auburn before heading to Binghamton and Scranton, PA tomorrow.         Photos by Greg Cotterill, Finger Lakes News Radio.                                                                                                 Watch this great video from our friends at!             In Seneca Falls the President presented a signed copy of his remarks from the signing of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act to the Women's Rights National Historical Park. Watch the White House Instragram video.       President Obama's New York visit on White House video Finger Lakes Daily News 2017-06-29T05:28:29Z